Browsing Public Visual Layer Datasets

After you have signed up with Visual Layer, you will be redirected to the Datasets Inventory page. This page is where you can find all the Datasets that you will add to the system.

You’ll notice that the page isn’t empty - there are 7 academic datasets and 2 Visual Layer enriched public datasets already available for your perusal, demonstrating how the data is sorted once it’s been processed by the Visual Layer.

By exploring the above Datasets you can see real-world issues through the lens of the Visual Layer Profiler.

I don’t want to view the Sample Datasets. How can I remove them?

Should you want to clear your workspace, you can do so by clicking on the top right corner of a dataset and selecting “Delete”:

Explore Public VL Datasets

The Public VL Datasets, like the Sample Datasets, are academic Datasets available for your perusal. You can access them by clicking this icon on the bottom left side of the left navigation:

These datasets will allow you to experience the full functionality of Visual Layer and understand our capabilities prior to (or during) the process of uploading your own data and sorting, analyzing and understanding it using our system.