Quick Start

This guide helps users to learn how to:

  • Access and sign-in to Visual Layer Cloud
  • Browse sample datasets
  • Create a dataset
  • Start exploring your dataset

Getting started with Visual Layer is extremely fast and easy. To get started, simply sign-up and create a Dataset.

Access and sign-in to Visual Layer

To get started with Visual Layer, you need to:

  1. Visit the Login page
  2. Choose Google or GitHub Connect
  3. Select the account you want to use

You're now logged-in and ready to go!

After you sign up, you can sign-in again by following the exact same flow (make sure to select the same account you have previously used).

Browse sample datasets

Once you complete this flow, you will be redirected to the Dataset Inventory page, where you can see a few sample academic Datasets and create your first Dataset.

You can read more about these sample datasets and the public VL datasets here.

Create your first Dataset

Add your visual data by creating a Dataset from the Dataset Inventory. To start, click the "New Dataset" button.


Heads up - Annotations

Please notice that as of now, annotations can't be added after a Dataset is created.

If you have annotations, please refer to the importing annotations page before creating the Dataset.

Creating a Dataset is easy:

  1. Set a name for your dataset or use Visual Layer auto-suggested dataset name.
  2. Select the source you want to import the data from.

Once you provide valid information in these steps, you can click the 'Next' button and kick off the creation and analysis of the dataset.

This process might take some time, depending on the amount of data you have in the source.

While being created, the Dataset card is not clickable. Once the Dataset is ready you will receive an email, and will be able to click on the Dataset card to explore your data.

Start exploring your Dataset

After you created your Dataset, you can get started with exploring the data in it, by clicking on the Dataset card. You’ll be redirected to the Dataset Exploration Page, where you can visually explore any videos and images uploaded to this Dataset.