Browsing your private Datasets

The Dataset Inventory

The Dataset Inventory is your home page and contains all of your private Datasets.

Each Dataset in the Dataset Inventory presents the following information:

  • Dataset Name
  • Creation Date
  • Number of Images, Objects, Videos and Video Frames

The default sorting in the Dataset Inventory is by creation date, from newest to oldest. Datasets might also be sorted alphabetically by name, from A to Z.

Click a specific Dataset card to explore the data in that Dataset.

Deleting a Dataset

You can delete a Dataset from the Dataset Inventory page by clicking on the Dataset Actions Menu and clicking "Delete." After you've done that, you will be requested to confirm (or discard) the action.


Notice: Deleting a Dataset is irreversible. All related information such as Clusters, Images, and Labels in this Dataset will be deleted as well.