Unlabeled Data Detection

Detect unclassified data using Visual Layer

In large-scale datasets, detecting unclassified images and objects can be challenging. Visual Layer simplifies this process with just one click.

Find unclassified data using a simple filter

  1. Navigate to the Dataset Inventory and select a dataset by clicking on it.
  2. Select the required view: Images view or Objects view.
  3. In the top filter bar, go to "Labels" filter, select "Unlabeled" and apply the filter.
Coco Dataset: Top bar labels filter: Select "unlabeled"

Coco Dataset: Top bar labels filter: Select "unlabeled"

  1. This returned results will consists of images or image clusters, object or object clusters that are unlabeled.
  2. Users can add unlabeled data to the "Selected Items" list, export it, and send it for classification/labeling.
    1. See the following pages for more info:
      1. ORGANIZE section
      2. EXPORT section