Manage Datasets

Learn how to create, manage and delete datasets with Visual Layer

Create Dataset

To create a new datasets go to Dataset Inventory view and click on '+' button or the 'New Dataset' button.

Dataset Name

You can set a dataset name or use Visual Layer's auto-suggested name. Note: Avoid using duplicate names for datasets.

Select Data Source

Select a Data Source from which to upload the data to your private dataset.

  • The following are the supported data source types:
    • ZIP file
    • Files / Folder
    • Public Amazon S3
    • Private Amazon S3


Note: Please contact [email protected] to submit a request additional type of data source. Alternatively, fill the form by pressing 'Contact Us'.

Data Preview

Data Preview generated for user to validate the data source has the data required.

  • In case you wish to replace the data source press 'Edit' and follow instructions.

Add Annotations

Optional: Import annotations file to your dataset and press 'Next'. You can choose to skip this step by clicking on 'Skip' See HERE for more information on the supported formats.

  • The preview will be updated with annotated data.

Data Preview with the annotations will be generated for the user to validate the data source is compatible with the annotations.

  • In case you wish to replace the annotations file press 'Edit' and follow instructions.


Press 'Next' to start uploading and Indexing your data.

  • Please note that data uploads will adhere to your plan, even if the total data in your dataset exceeds the specified limit.
  • Contact [email protected] to learn more.

Delete Dataset

To delete a dataset navigate to Dataset Inventory and press on menu button next the the dataset you wish to delete and press the 'Delete' button.