Exploring Images and Video Frames

Diving to a specific Image

Should you find an item that is of interest to you while browsing the contents of a Cluster, clicking it will lead you to the Image/Object Details page. On this page you can see:

  • A full-size version of the Image
  • The bounding boxes of the objects detected on the image. Any irrelevant objects can be hidden by clicking the eye icon on the right pane
  • The other items in the cluster are visible at the bottom of the page
  • The video from which the image was extracted plays at the side in a short loop, starting from the frame we’re viewing
  • General information about the image (path, size etc.)
  • Labels, Objects and User Tags associated with the image
  • If there are any Issues with the image, you will see them detailed on the right pane

You can also assign/create User Tags or remove them from this page

How Visual Layer processes videos

When your data source contains video files, Visual Layer automatically selects Core Frames from the uploaded videos and shows them alongside the images in a Dataset.

Diving to a specific Video Frame

When you find and click an interesting Video Frame, you will see a similar page to the Image Details, with minor differences:

  • On the right side, you will see a section that shows the name of the Video from which this Frame was taken
  • This section will also show the Video itself and continuously auto-play it from the Frame timestamp to 5 seconds after
  • On the "Additional Cluster Items" strip at the bottom left you will see which frame is playing and what is it's timestamp within the Video

What’s Next