Exploring Visual Data

To explore the contents of a Dataset, click the Dataset’s card. You’ll be redirected to the Dataset Exploration Page, where you can visually explore any videos and images uploaded to this Dataset.

This page consists of the following components:

  • Data Clusters - The actual data, grouped into Clusters. You can read more about how your data is clustered
  • Header - Where you can see the name of the Dataset, along with general information about it such as who created it and when and how many entities such as: Images, Videos, Video Frames and Objects exist in it
  • Filters strip - Where you can search for relevant data textually or visually, slice and dice the data using different metadata filters and switch between Images and Objects
  • Metadata summary - This is the pane on the right side of the page, containing the high level summary of metadata related to the data in this Dataset, such as prominent quality Issues, Labels, User Tags, etc.
  • Selected Items - This is the button at the right corner of the header. This is where the items you select throughout the data exploration experience are saved.
  • Footer - This is where you can see how many Clusters match the current criteria, navigate between pages and control the clustering granularity