How can I get started using Visual Layer?

Sign up to Visual Layer Here using your gmail or Github account.

Create a dataset and you're ready to go.

What data formats are supported by Visual Layer?

Visual Layer allows you to upload images and videos. Here are the supported formats:

  • Images: png, jpg, jpeg, giff, jpeg, tif, tiff, heic, heif, bmp, webp, jp2, jfif.
  • videos: mp4, avi, dav, m4v, mov, mkv, wmv, flv, webm.:

In addition you can upload annotation files.

To submit a request to support additional formats, contact us at [email protected]

How much data can I upload to Visual Layer Cloud?

Free Trial: 10,000 Images or total of 300 minutes of videos per dataset.

For other plans contact us [email protected].

How do I interface with Visual Layer?

Visual Layer provides a simple, standards-based REST web services interface and also an interactive GUI interface.

How reliable is Visual Layer Cloud?

Visual Layer gives you access to the same highly scalable, highly available, fast Visual Layer Cloud Services based on AWS infrastructure.


How can I upgrade my account?

You can use Visual Layer trial version for free for up to 10 Datasets, each containing up to 10,000 Images or total of 300 minutes of videos per dataset.

To upgrade your account and remove these limitations/enjoy more features, contact us at [email protected].

Deployment Options

Which deployment types are supported by Visual Layer?

There are 2 deployments options:

  1. Visual Layer Cloud: Visual Layer Cloud is a hosted service where the infrastructure, software, and maintenance are managed by the Visual Layer. This option allows users to access Visual Layer via the internet without the need to install, update, or manage any hardware or software on their own. It is ideal for organizations that prefer a low-maintenance solution and want to start quickly without investing in IT infrastructure. Users can focus on leveraging the platform’s capabilities for data management and analysis while relying on the provider for system reliability, security, and updates.
  2. Self-managed Visual Layer: The self-managed Visual Layer option allows organizations to deploy and maintain the Visual Layer platform on their own premises or in a private cloud environment. This approach gives users full control over the installation, configuration, and management of the platform, ensuring that it can be tailored to specific needs and integrated seamlessly with existing systems. It is well-suited for organizations that have stringent data security requirements, need customized integrations, or prefer to manage their data infrastructure directly to maintain tight control over their systems and data.

What are the prerequisites for using Visual Layer Cloud?

To use Visual Layer Profiler, you must have a Google or GitHub account. It's that simple!

There is no need to run anything locally or install anything. The Visual Layer web application runs entirely on the cloud.

What are the prerequisites for using Visual Layer Self-Managed Solution?

Contact [email protected] to get more information about this deployment type.

Use Cases

Does Visual Layer offer solutions to multiple industries?

Yes. Visual Layer is not tailored for a specific industry. We are working with experts from different industries in order to provide the best quality of products to our customers. This helps us in understanding the users needs and problems they want to solve specifically in their specific domains.


What is the difference between Public datasets and Private Datasets?

  • Public Datasets: Explore seven academic datasets to identify quality issues using Visual Layer. Additionally, we offer two public datasets that have been enriched by Visual Layer, showcasing our platform's capabilities. All public datasets are available to every Visual Layer user.
  • Private Datasets: Datasets you create are visible, accessible and manageable only to you. Note that Visual Layer is building sharing capabilities so you'll be able to collaborate with your team.


How Does Visual Layer Search works?

Visual Layer supports 2 types of search:

  • Textual Search - free language search that leverages proprietary Visual Layer models to enable users to find specific images based on text queries. It can also use metadata and enriched data in the process. The search system processes the query to understand the context and significance of the search keywords and it also involves natural language processing (NLP) techniques to handle synonyms, variations, and complex queries.
  • Visual Search - using Visual Layer engine it is possible to search for:
    • Similar images or similar objects
    • Similar clusters
    • Similar images to an external uploaded image
    • Similar objects to a manually select/marked region of interest.
  • All search capabilities work by relevance or similarity level that is calculated by Visual Layer.


How can I enable Visual Layer enrichment?

Contact [email protected] to enrich your data with Visual Layer enrichment.

How can I enrich my data with my own metadata?

Upload annotations file to enrich you data with your own metadata.

Can I export data out of Visual Layer?

Yes. Exporting data capability is supported.

This capability is not available on trial version. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.


Does Visual Layer support bring your own model (BYO) to enrich the data?

Yes. There are cases users want to run with own models and explore the data before enriching it with Visual Layer data.