Welcome to Visual Layer's User Documentation

What is Visual Layer?

Visual Layer is the go-to platform for visual data curation, management, visualization, and analysis at scale.

Set up your private Datasets in just a few minutes. Quickly start analyzing and curating your dataset to improve model performance and outputs.

Visual Layer was built with simplicity, scale, automation, explainability and integration in mind, enabling data teams, analysts, and researchers from various industries to get to market faster.

You can use the Visual Layer platform to interactively explore, visualize, clean, review, search, share and get insights on your data.

Visual Layer engine is where the indexing, search, enrichment and analysis magic happens. It efficiently stores and indexes data in a way that supports fast searches.

Visual Layer is designed to handle large and ever-growing Datasets seamlessly. Its architecture ensures that as your data volume increases, the platform scales to accommodate this growth without sacrificing performance or usability.

Our Mission

Visual Layer's mission is to address the challenges that businesses from various industries face due to the overwhelming volume of visual data they possess, including both images and videos.

This kind of visual data is often disorganized, scattered, and often contains poor-quality data, making it difficult to manage, maintain, and extract value from in its raw form.

Manual processes for handling and sorting large volumes of data are inefficient, expensive, error-prone, and outdated. Using such methods impacts businesses in time-to-market, service quality, maintaining competitive edge and costs.

Visual Layer assists organizations in transitioning to semi-automated or fully automated processes to mitigate the business risks mentioned above.

Visual Layer platform, built by scientists, assists data science teams in curating high-quality training datasets process, in providing more context and information to the data by proprietary Visual Layer enrichment capabilities and provides tools and algorithms for advanced data analysis. All in one place.

Key Features:

  • Auto-clustering: With Visual Layer, you can say goodbye to manually sifting through individual images. By clustering images with similar problems, Visual Layer enables you to address issues at scale, significantly reducing manual effort and saving valuable time.
  • Interactive Exploration: Use the Visual Layer platform to interactively explore, visualize, clean, search, share, and gain insights from your data.
  • Efficient Data Management: The Visual Layer engine is where the indexing, search, enrichment, and analysis magic happens. It efficiently stores and indexes data to support fast searches both visual and textual.
  • Identification of data anomalies and quality issues: Visual Layer's engine leverages cutting-edge algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify anomalies within your visual data. From mislabeled images to outliers and duplicates, Profiler helps you remove redundant and low-quality data and correct annotations associated with it.
  • Fixing Data From removing redundant and low quality images to sending images for re-labeling, Visual Layer allows you to take corrective actions on numerous images at once.
  • Unparalleled Scale: With Visual Layer, you can efficiently manage large-scale data operations, accommodating up to 50 billion images with ease. It's designed to scale according to your requirements, providing the flexibility you need as your data grows.


  • Simplicity: Use an interactive platform with simple and intuitive workflows that enables your team to immediately add value to your business.
  • Better Models: Curate and manage your data effectively to improve the accuracy, reliability and the performance of your models.
  • Time Efficiency : Quickly setup and efficiently manage your data to reduce the time spent on data preparation and analysis. Visual layer offers transitioning to automatic workflows instead of spending weeks curating and analyzing data manually. Enhance your teams' productivity with Visual Layer.
  • Scalability: Handle large datasets with ease, ensuring that your data management capabilities grow with your needs. Discover the visual data you store, curate and clean it with Visual Layer. Get more context and add information to your data by annotations and enrichment so you'll be able to utilize and manage billions of images and videos.
  • Costs: Save money in multiple ways with Visual Layer. Our platform’s efficient automation for data selection and preparation significantly reduces the labor and time required for these tasks. Additionally, you can decrease storage costs by cleaning and streamlining your data. By leveraging CPU-only operations, Visual Layer also reduces cloud data storage and processing expenses. Overall, improvements in time-to-market, service quality, and employee productivity translate into substantial cost benefits that Visual Layer offers.