Visual Layer glossary

A file that contains a visual representation of something. for example, a GIF or PNG file. An image can be an artifact, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject.

A region of interest in an image, usually a region that contains an instance of a specific class.

A file that contains the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.

A collection of Images and or Videos and a ground truth of outputs that you use to train a machine learning model by example. For object detection this would be your set of images (data) and annotations (ground truth) that you would like your model to learn to predict.

Dataset exploration
The process of browsing, filtering and searching through the data in a Dataset, usually for data selection purposes.

Dataset Analysis
A process in which the images in a given dataset are tested for possible issues from the known issue types and are grouped together for easy visualization. The result of the analysis is zero or more issues and zero or more Clusters.

A set of data entities unified by a certain characteristic. Images are grouped by sophisticated similarity algorithm.

Issue Type
A specific type of a problem that during the analysis process takes one or more images in and generates zero or more issue instances.

A concrete instance of an issue type, associated with one or more images (e.g. train/test leakage, cluster of duplicates, data drift).

Similarity Search
The process of finding similar Images and/or Clusters for a given query Image or Cluster

Similarity Vertex
The item/s (Image, Cluster or Object) that user chooses to see its similar Images

Similarity results
Images and Clusters that are visually similar to a chosen Vertex

Selected item/s
The item/s (Image, Cluster or Object) that user selects in order to see details about or perform an action on

process of reduction of a set of items by applying conditions (query expression) to items metadata properties. Set of items can be anything: a cluster, entire dataset, similar images