Textually Searching for Data

Textual search over visual data is a powerful tool for locating specific Images, Video Frames and Objects using descriptive text. By following these steps and tips, you can efficiently find the visual content you need.

Steps for Textual Search

  1. Define Your Query:

    1. Clearly describe the visual elements you're searching for
    2. Include details like colors, objects, actions, settings, and any other relevant characteristics
    3. Choose precise and descriptive keywords. You can combine multiple keywords for more accurate results
  2. Use Operators when needed:

    1. See section below to learn more about VL search operators
  3. Refine Results:

    1. Use filters to narrow down results
  4. Review and Select:

    1. Browse through the results to find the most relevant images or videos
    2. Click on the results to view more details or download the content

Example Queries

  • Simple Query: "sunset over mountains"
  • Detailed Query: "bright sunset over rocky mountains with clear sky"
  • Combined Attributes: "blue sports car on city street at night"

VL Search Operators

AND operator

  • Description: The AND operator is implied when typing a search query with terms separated by spaces
  • Usage: Include "AND" between the search terms or just leave a space. Uppercase or lowercase does not matter.
  • Example: Searching for black cat in the search bar. The following queries are equivalent
black AND cat  
black and cat  
black + cat
  • Result: This query will return images that contains both the terms "black" AND "cat" in any order.

OR operator

  • Description: The OR operator is used to find results containing either one of the search terms or both
  • Usage: Include "OR" between the search terms. Uppercase or lowercase does not matter
  • Example:
black cat OR black dog
black cat or black dog
  • Result: This query will return images containing either black cats, black dogs or both.

NOT operator

  • Description: The NOT operator is used to exclude terms from the search results
  • Usage: Prefix the term you wish to exclude with a minus sign (-)
  • Example:
dog -black
  • Result: This query will return images with the term "black" in the metadata but will exclude any images that also contain the term "cat".

Exact match

  • Description: For an exact match of a phrase or sequence of words, use quotation marks
  • Usage: Enclose the exact phrase within double quotes
  • Example:
"yellow flower"
  • Result: This query will return images where the metadata exactly matches the phrase "yellow flower" and not a more generic search which also returns other image which contain flowers or yellow objects

Combining operators

It is also possible to combine the operators above eg

flower -bird or tree and "red leave"