Exploring Objects

Where Objects come from

Understanding the concepts and entities present in your visual data can prove incredibly valuable. As an example - you might be searching for a particular person, vehicle, product or animal in an image or video.

That extra layer of information comes in the form of Image and Object Labels. Image Label detail the contents of the image while Object Labels describe a particular entity present in the image, marking its location with a bounding box.

To enrich your data with labels, also known as annotations, you have two options:

  1. Bring your own Image/Object labels and import annotations
  2. Have Visual Layer enrich your data with Image and Object Labels (this is currently a premium feature, contact us for more details)

Once Object labels are imported or identified by Visual Layer, they create entities called Objects. Any Objects supplied with the data or identified by Visual Layer can be viewed in the ‘Objects’ tab.

How to explore Objects

Toggling Entity Type allows you to choose between exploring Images and Objects depending on your needs. You can swap between the two states by clicking on the desired Entity Type.

When you toggle to the Objects tab, you will see all of the Objects present in the Dataset. Like Images, Objects are also clustered by similarity by default, and are queryable, comparable and filterable.

Diving to a specific Object

If you click arrived at this page because you clicked a specific Object, only this Object will be highlighted over the Image, even if other Object labels are associated with this Image.

You can control which Objects are highlighted using the "Show All" and "Hide All" actions on each of the Object types in the General section. This is how the same Image looks like with all Objects shown:

You can also show/hide concrete Object instances for concrete Object types.